A cycling tour of Brittany, September 1999

by Bryan Hollamby, December 1999

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A few words about the journal

Between Sunday 5th September and Friday 17th September 1999 I took part in a tour of Brittany, France, organised and accompanied by Geoff and Kate Husband, who run Breton Bikes, a company with long experience of offering a wide range of cycletouring holidays in Brittany. The pages which this index page provides links to are a journal of that tour, complete with photographs. It was my first self-contained tour of any length and was immensely enjoyable - I hope that is reflected in the journal pages.

The tour took us from Breton Bikes' base in Gouarec, central Brittany, down to the south coast and across by ferry to Belle-Ile, then back up northwestwards through Brittany's central hills to its north coast. From there we rode east and then southwest to return to Gouarec. The mileage I covered was approximately 340 miles in eleven days of cycling - there were two rest days. The countryside and coast were beautiful and one can but hope that the damage caused by the recent disasters of an oil spill off Brittany's southern coast and the subsequent storms during December 1999 will quickly be consigned to memory only.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the journal as much as I enjoyed writing it. To see captions for each of the photographs, place the mouse cursor over the picture. Thank you for taking the time to visit my Brittany tour pages.

Bryan Hollamby

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