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Here's where I blow my own trumpet...!  I am a keen cyclist and have done cycletours of Brittany (north-western France) and of southern and midland England.  Below are links to websites I have built based on my cycling experiences and other trips not associated with cycling.

A cycletour of Brittany (1999)

Cycling around Lake Kerkini (Northern Greece)

I also take part in trips organised by the Kilkis Mountaineering Club and below are a couple of sites related to that.

My ascent of Mount Olympus (1998)

A trip to Pisoderi, Northern Greece, (January 2002)

In October 2005 my girlfriend and I visited Ohrid, in Macedonia, for a long weekend.  Below is the website with pictures of that lovely town!

A trip to Ohrid, Macedonia (October 2005)

Then in May 2006 I took a jaunt on foot over the border between Greece and Macedonia to visit the Macedonian village of Star Dojran ("Old Dojran"), and below is the website with pictures and sounds from the village and Lake Dojran/Lake Doirani.

A Spring-time jaunt across the border to Star Dojran, Macedonia (May 2006)

Spring is a beautiful time in Greece, with abundant fauna and the vibrant reds, yellows, blues and greens of the flora. The following webpage presents some photographs taken on May 21st near Lake Doirani.

Spring-time flowers and tortoise! (21st May 2006)

In August 2006 we made our first visit to the city of Skopje - a lovely small city with a modern flavour intermixed with the traditional. Well worth a visit!! I liked it so much that I revisited the following month with a friend from the UK. Below is the website with ample pictures of Skopje (NOTE: Apart from the pictures, the site is unfinished, the text needing some additions and alterations).

Trip to Skopje, Macedonia (August 2006)

On 22 August 2006 a lightning strike started a forest fire in Kassandra, the first "leg" of the Halkidiki peninsula, and swept across large swathes of beautiful pine forest, leaving behind it a scene which would not be out of place in Mordor! I took some photographs of the area post-fire, and the page can be seen below.

Pictures from post-fire Kassandra Halkidikis (September 2006)

Pictures of Lake Kastoria, from a visit on the weekend of 18 and 19th November 2006

Pictures of Lake Kastoria (18-19 November 2006)

And a small Christmas video with appropriate music...!

How to Put Up the Christmas Tree in 30 Seconds...